Song Question:
Watery sounding song,
maybe in the 90's
- popular on radio in europe
(maybe USA too, no idea)

I can just barely remember this song. It's one of the few I heard on the radio that I actually liked.

Like my title says, it sounds watery, bubbly, with hints maybe of dolphin or whale sounds (not actually sure about that). In any case, the sound of bubbles bursting subtly is a big part of the subliminal sound.

But it's not like some relaxation music or anything, it was pop though it didn't sound like pop at the time.

Somehow, I have the feeling it might have been from India, god knows why, and that may very well be a false hare.

There is a female singer... I can't remember if she was singing english or not.

I heard this song very often during one summer in Germany - I'm fairly sure in the late 90's. I have no idea if the song was popular anywhere else.

I've done some searching on the www but my info isn't specific enough and there seems to be millions of songs related to water...

Maybe someone reading this says: yo, that's so-and-so from so-and-so!

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