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1950S SONGS: Oh, the 1950’s. This is the decade most people of any age would love to experience, or re-experience. 

For many people today, it still conjures up an image of innocence, even in the music from the 50s. In addition to 50s songs, we think of bobby socks, saddle shoes, poodle skirts, pearl necklaces, white sunglasses, ponytails, crew cuts, pompadours, greasers, T-Birds, cruising, drive-ins, diners, hula-hoops, Barbie, Silly Putty, jukeboxes, American Bandstand, hops, doo-wop, rockabilly and so much more. 

Music in the 50s introduced us to rock and roll. Although the exact start of rock and roll has long been a big debate, many universally consider the 1955 song “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley And His Comets to be the first rock and roll song.

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Frankie Avalon, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, Teresa Brewer, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Doris Day, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Dean Martin, the McGuire Sisters, Ricky Nelson, Patti Page, the Platters, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, and, especially, Elvis Presley were all wildly popular for 1950s music.

Popular songs included Black Hills Of Dakota, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Crying In The Chapel, Dragnet, Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight, Moonlight Serenade, That's All Right Mama, Rock Around The Clock, The Yellow Rose Of Texas,  Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, Autumn Leaves, Sixteen Tons, Memories Are Made Of This, Rock And Roll Waltz, Lisbon Antigua, Poor People Of Paris, Heartbreak Hotel, The Wayward Wind, I Want You I Need You I Love You, Too Much, Young Love, Party Doll, Round And Round, All Shook Up, Love Letters In The Sand, (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear, At The Hop, Don't, Tequila, Twilight Time, Witch Doctor, All I Have To Do Is Dream, The Purple People Eater, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Stagger Lee, Venus, Come Softly To Me, The Happy Organ, Kansas City, The Battle Of New Orleans and so much more.

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1950s Songs:

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Why Did You Leave Me? 
I have checked website after website, including your very comprehensive site, and yet, I can't believe that one oif the most beautu-iful love ballads …

1950s Song: What a Surprise 
I just heard this on XM 50's. Don't know who sang it. I had never heard it before and want some information on it.

Favorite 1950s Song:
The Book
I remember my father singing it to me when I was a child.

Favorite 1950s Song:
I've Been Searching
It really has a good beat to it. I don't know if i have the right title or not. Would like to know who sings it.

Favorite 1950s Song:  
Favorite 1950s Song: What's Your Name

My favorite 1950s songs... 
The 1950s were before my time, but I still enjoy many of the songs from that decade: Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley and His Comets. Gotta love …

Bless my daddy 
I used to sing this song to my dad when I was little

seagrams part seven 
Great instrumental

This Ole House 
It reminded me of the house that we lived in.

Hey Hey Hey Hey Cuba Cuba Cuba Cuba 
I'm not sure this is the title but those are repeated lyrics & obviously sounds a bit latin. Can you help me find this TITLE or particular song as …

your twice as nice as the ordinary girl 
the song went (sha la la la la boom boom sha la la la la boom boom ahh ahh ahh your twice as nice as the ordinary girl and everything I have is yours, …

Lima beans 

They say it's only fascination that we feel 
One of my absolute favourites from the 50's but can't find it anywhere now

We will have these nights to remember 
Reminds me of how my husband & I feel about each other..

1950s Songs:
I looked up a song by just. Morgan...
I love this kind of music! I was born in December 1958 I almost missed the 50's!! I love the ballads, they were wonderful!!

Favorite 1950s Song:
Broken heart
There was a very romantic night with this song

Favorite 1950s Song:
No one knows
I just love the lyrics and the piano backing.

Favorite 1950s Song:
That was the time I first and only time that I really fell in love.

Favorite 1950s Song:
Be Good To Me
I Love this song. It is so cute and his voice is wonderful.

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