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All You Pretty Girls (bless you bless you all of you pretty girls) - 1984

Are You Receiving Me? - 1978

Ball And Chain - 1982

Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead - 1992

Dear God (hope you got the letter and I pray you can make it better down here; I can't believe in you) - 1986/1987

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Disappointed, The - 1992

Earn Enough For Us (I’ve been praying I can keep you and to earn enough for us) - 1986/1987

Easter Theatre - 1999

Generals And Majors - 1980

Grass - 1986

Great Fire - 1983

I'd Like That - 1999

I'm The Man Who Murdered Love (I’m the man who murdered love, yeah what do you think to that) - 2000

King For A Day - 1989

Life Begins At The Hop - 1979

Love At First Sight (love at first sight, what they want is hey oh love) - 1980/1981

Love On A Farmboy's Wages - 1983

Loving, The - 1989

Making Plans For Nigel - 1979

Mayor Of Simpleton, The (well I don't know how to tell the weight of the sun and of mathematics well I want none, and I may be the Mayor of Simpleton but I know one thing and that's I love you) - 1989

Meeting Place, The - 1986/1987

No Thugs In Our House - 1982

Respectable Street – 1980/1981

Senses Working Overtime (I’ve got one two three four five senses working overtime) - 1982

Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) - 1980

Statue Of Liberty - 1978

Take This Town - 1980

Ten Feet Tall (I feel like I’m walking ‘round ten feet tall) - 1979/1980

This Is Pop? - 1978

This World Over - 1984

Towers Of London - 1980

Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down (wait till your boat goes down, that’s when you’ll need me most) - 1980

Wake Up - 1984/1985

Wonderland - 1983

Wrapped In Grey (but don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey) - 1992

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