A quite dark acoustic song with female and male vocals (maybe 60's?)

I'm looking for a song that I heard on TuneIn's Psychedelic Jukebox -station. Its mostly a 60's station, but there can be songs from different eras also. He song was quite simple: acoustic guitar playing a dark slow riff, amazing kind of whispering female vocals (and male vocals too at some parts) and some weird constant noise and chattering in the background. This song has an amazing eerie feel in it, but I just can't find it anymore. Those female vocals gave me chills. She sounds like shes whispering right to your ear and you can almost feel her breathe.

- Song lyrics, if any
/ Couldn't hear em.
- Is the song fast or slow?
/ It was pretty slow.
- Does it have heavy drums, guitars, etc.?
/ I did hear only acoustic guitar and no drums at all.
- Does it have any unusual sounds?
/ Yeah. That weird talk and chattering in the background.
- Is it sung by a male or female?
/ Mostly female, but also male at some parts.
- Where did you hear it?
/ www.tunein.com (Psychedelic Jukebox -station)
- What country was it played in?
/ Where ever the station is. I hear'd it in Finland.
- When did you hear it?
/ Today.
- Any other helpful information
/ All that can be found above.

Thank you!

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