A running-away story with the mother playing a role. 3 woman band.

by Carl MckLark

• Sung by one woman, with two as the chorus
• 3-woman-band
• Themes are about the singer's mother,
running away from home,
and how she can never go back
• She runs away because her mom denied her of dating someone
• Through the song she shows much grief and regret
• (I believe) she sometimes repeats a verse about something nice her mother did as a child, whilst the chorus hums and somewhat repeats her lines

Song Structure:

The beginning of the song starts with a female ranting about how she's mad about something, and threatening to run away from home and never returning. No music plays (If I remember) during this part.

Another female responds, telling her "Don't!" she then proceeds to tell about how she'll never be able to return.

She then tells her story of her mother, how the two were close and loving.

She tells how she fell in love with a boy.

Her mother bans her from being with him, so she runs away in anger. She never returned - this is important to know.

During the main verse the chorus will "echo" her lines.

• The song had a slow and depressing feel to it.
• The album cover had monochrome colors (either black-n-white or a dull apricot) with the three women on it
• Seemed like an older song.
• I once read the song is in a movie soundtrack. The movie also deals with a running away story.

I hope someone is able to recognize and inform me of the song.

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