A violin song

by Claudia

Hi there !
I've been looking for this son at least a year, please help!
There were 2 music clips for it. The official one was taking place at the circuss. We are watching emotional states of troupe and the song is mostly played on violin. There's an emotional break-through after 3 minute and violins are going crazy. The mans vocal keeps on repeating the same sentence that I don't remember and after the music's getting more quiet, all people in the troupe are standing one next to another, standing without any move and the camera goes by all of them, from right to the left.

The other clip is having white background. There's an old lady drinking tea (I guess) and then we move to 2 people playing tennis not with a ball but something... strange and brown. The woman playing was overweight. We also see 2 women at first looking like friends but then one is eating pearl panties of the other.
A the end of that strange music video there's a acephalous man sitting on a hair and the camera goes back. The end.
I know it might not be alot but if anyone remebers the name please give it to me! That song was one of my favourites :) I remember my friend has told me once it was in a movie and that's why it was famous several years ago.

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