axa ad singer

by Barry Robertson
(faversham englang)

The song is called little things mean a lot but I can't find who the singer is. It is aired on the axe advert. Help!

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Nov 17, 2015
Axa sd
by: Frank

It's sung by a girl called Emily Harvey

Nov 09, 2015
lillian gish
by: shill


Oct 11, 2014
AXA Ad singer
by: Mike Gizzy

I think it is sung by Tish Hinojosa a Mexican American singer

Jan 18, 2014
little things
by: barry

I. Am pleased to advise that this song is now available to down load and is recorded by emily harvey in the band little shoe big voice.thanks to every one who helped in the early stages of my search and I hope all the people try ing to find who it was recorded the song will enjoy it as much as I do .regards to every body , barry

Jan 18, 2014
Little things mean a lot
by: Libby

"Little Things Mean a Lot" was a popular song written by Edith Lindeman (lyrics) and Carl Stutz (music), published in 1953. Kallen Kitty sang the song called "little things mean a lot" and so did Willy Nelson. Both of these can be found on youtube, I'm not sure if this is the one you are looking for but I hope this helps .....

From Libby Sth Aust

Nov 19, 2013
axa song
by: barry

I agree entirely with xxxxxxxxchristopher , it should be released. What about a campaign. Haha.

Nov 18, 2013
thanks for that
by: barry

Sorry about spelling mistakes! My kindle
word predictor makes up its own mind whether to write what I type or otherwise.problem is it does it after I send message EMBARRASSING!. Can't switch Damn thing off. Barry

Nov 16, 2013
Axa singer song
by: Anonymcouschristopher dilley

A very nice song, delivered by a beautiful voice,more of the song and perhaps a look at the face behind the voice. it should in my humble opinion, be in the charts. C dilley.

Nov 15, 2013
thanks for that
by: barry

Thank you guys thats much appreciated. I will keep trying to see what happens in the future .i have heard the kitty alan version but the style of singing and b ass cking is what i am into (for my sins) ,if you here anything i would be very grate ful for the info .ok guys keelitp at it ,
Regards barry

Nov 11, 2013
Singer on Axa advert
by: Anonymous

I think it might be Dorine de Wit the singer with the Rich Bennet jazz band who sang at this years jazz weekend at Sand Bay in July. She was extremely good.

Nov 11, 2013
axa ad
by: Anonymous

performed by Little Shoes Big Voice, a duo featuring Jack Durtnall and Emily Harvey. It’s not available to download, but you can get the Kitty Kallen version from iTunes.

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