bad country song from early 90s.

this is bad. - i dont remember the song name, or any of the lyrics.
I DO remember the music video as seen on CMT or the other country music video channels..

early to mid 90's ,
and i remember a younger guy ( probably late teens to early to mid 20's ) and he was singing around a swimming pool in the backyard of somebodys house.
he had his shirt off (and if i remember correctly, he wasnt in bad shape, just not necessarily in very good shape either...)

I dont think the singer was a solo performer, although i may be wrong.
I have it stuck in my head that the main singer who sang 99% of this song all on his own was in a group, or the "Artist" had a group/band name, not an individuals name.

it was only aired on TV for maybe a few months before fading away and i dont remember hearing anything from the artist every again... maybe i just failed to make the connection that it was the same people ?

i know this isnt much to go off of at all, but the song wasnt really that bad, if you could get past the cheesy music video..

it was not that fast of a song either, just a typical country song (not fast, not too slow)

I hope that was enough for your geniuses to figure this out..

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