christian rock music video please help

by Duane Wasylyshen
(Mooresville, IN, USA)

I cannot for the life of me remember a song i can remember bits and pieces of the music video i believe it's a christian rock video?

the music video i believe starts with a girl (white, dark haired) lifting her head up out of the tub (which is filled with white water i believe) and there's some shiva looking statute beside the tub and it fades away to where she is dressed and she grabs a duffle bag that is red i think and shes reluctant to open it and she tosses it either into the backseat or the trunk of her old style green car and then she's driving and i think she runs out of gas in front of a gas station/diner then once she is at the diner there's this scene where there is like this dollhouse and the dolls are animated and the servers at the diner keep looking outside and after a while she leaves and the duffel bag is now in the passenger seat and she takes it and is about o throw it in the back seat or something and she notices the zipper glowing and she opens it and theres a bright white light and i guess her tank is filled and she drives off it's been bugging me for years i just cannot remember it

the music i remember to be kind of heavy with a good beat and a good message I originally saw this video on a top 10 countdown on a christian music channel called TV-U and its fast aired in the USA and i saw it a few years ago like possibly 10 years ago idk if ti was that long ago but it might have been that long ago i just know it's been since 1999 that i had that channel and then i stopped having that channel before 2008 so its been a while I just know i liked it

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