Everyone please read anything is helpful!!

It has the mellow sound like the song Guap by Big Sean but it starts with a beat that's like do lo do lo do lo do (the lo sounds like Lou and the do sounds like doo as in Scooby Doo) and then a guy with a possibly Jamacian accent says something like "ah look at me". Not real sure if those are the words but the sound is "ah e gap me". It repeats maybe twice before the song actually starts. Its a rap song I'm pretty sure or rap/pop however that is classified. It's a popular song probably have heard it on the radio. Not sure how recent it is but is not a new release. It is probably 2005-2014. It's the type of song you'd associate with the feeling of relaxing on a beach or boating or some type of summer activity. It does have the hollow drum sound like some reggae music has but it's more upbeat like a rap song. If you are familiar with the song Guap the beat at the beginning of the song I'm trying to find sounds familiar to the intro to Guap. I have been thinking of this song for 3 days and can't figure it out for anything. I've asked and others know what I'm talking about but they can't think of any lyrics or anything to help. An Artist, some more lyrics, a year it came out or the title would be helpful.

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