Face Paint

by Vicky


I remember a song with the following details but couldn't recollect it's name nor its lyrics. Please help me find it. It's been haunting me for the past 3 years. I saw it on youtube.

The video description (in keywords) is as follows :
Friends (20s - 30s, male, female), drive on car, Old but nice Bungalow with no one in it,
window sills with dead insects, start enjoying, making love etc. Also a person is sitting with a dark background with nothing shown except his face and a few hands. And his face is getting painted WHITE by many hands (rubbing no his face).

Parallelly, the band is also shown playing in the same building with one of the band members (white male) playing piano. There's a lead female black singer (dressed in black and seen dancing and singing standing on staircase). There are some 3 to 5 white male in the band. All the members of the band are in 20s to 30s.

Around the last minute of the video, one guy is seen searching for his love and runs to the top of the building and sees that his girl is going away in the car.

Some More info :
Song is normal (or slow) paced. I remember only piano, but think there is some guitar too. Sung by female & male but predominantly female. (A mixed voice). It should be after 2000 mostly but not sure. Also, I guess the band is either British or American.

That's all I could remember. I hope that's sufficient. Please help me find it guys.

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