Favorite Kiss Song, Album & Memory:
song-let me go rock n roll, album-rock n roll over, memory 1996-97 reunion tour

by shayne
(Calgary, Canada)

Favorite Kiss Song, Album & Memory:

lemmie go rock and roll, my fav KISS tune of all time, it has kick like no other song they have done, never really given it's due, very underrated.

Album Rock and Roll Over, actually bought this by mistake, was really looking for DESTROYER at the time, but after listening to it the first time, see you in your dreams, take me, love em, leave em, mr. speed all became quick favorites, the entire album is amazing, my first KISS album is still my fav.

Memory-- took my younger sister to see them in '97 in Calgary, we were rockin and she had to use the facilities, took off and was back so fast. like she never missed a beat of the song.

When it was my turn, went down and of course it was full, by the time i got back i had missed the entire song "shout it out loud" could hear it playing while i was waiting, all i could say under my breath was "it figures",

was still the best concert i have ever seen. Peter Criss Rockin it at age 50, freakin amazing! Can't wait to see them again this year in July.

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