Find A Singer/Songwriter in 1987, Washington D.C.


I was at a bar in Georgetown called Dylan's in 1987 or 1988 with my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and we heard a singer who was awesome, we bought his album (on tape).

when the tape was wearing out i copied i to a new tape, and so i dont have his name or even the song titles. But we still listen to the songs!!

I would love to figure out who it is, and see if we can buy any other albums from him.

i think the album may have been self-produced.

Here are some lyrics:

i think its time we made things true. know that i love you, no matter what's been said. that's what i would like most of all to give.i wish you happiness, in everything you do. ...

here's another song:

today i cleaned the whole apartment, washed the windows and the floors. Even took the old newspapers, stacked them by the door. I bought candy and i sent you flowers. thought of how you'd smile. cause its not that you did not deserve them, just havent had them in a while. i shaved again, so my face was soft for tonight when we are close. i doused myself with cologne you gave me, its the one you like the most. i hurried around to do these things so when you got home i'd be through. and in between called to tell you how much i love you.


theres a song in her eyes. and a love in her heart. she knows i've loved her right from the start. and if ever i can hold her gently close to me, love would be easy, i would feel free. well i give her all the love she needs, that's what she was missing, its more than what i've got. in a word, i can tell you, what she means to me, love would be east. i would feel free.

any help at all would be most appreciated! thanks!

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