Find A Song:
A song heard on WAYE AM in the 1970's

Old Song Soul Or Blues Song:

WAYE was a progressive AM radio station that only broadcast from sunrise to sunset.

I think they broadcast from Catonsville, MD.

The song i am trying to find sounded like a soul / blues tune.

As I remember it was about a man trying to convince his girlfriend
to run away with him.

There were references to her religious family and preacher father.

The only phrase i can remember is "Come on baby, let's run away and get it on".

This song keeps "repeating" on me and trying to remember who performed it or the title is kind of having an itch you can never scratch.

Any help is appreciated.

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A song heard on WAYE AM in the 1970's

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Apr 23, 2013
Thank you Pel
by: Anonymous

Yes, that is the song I am thinking of... I ran the tune past a music historian in Tucson and he thinks it might be a "Muscle Shoals" recording from Fame studios. All I know for now, when I track it down I will update you. No you were not "going round the bend", but I thought I was. THANK YOU for more lyrics than I remembered.

Best Regards,


Apr 15, 2013
I've been searching too!
by: Pel

Pretty sure I've been searching for the same song too. Here's what I know about it.

My father taped a C60 cassette off of Radio One in the UK at some point in the early 70s. It was from the Bob Harris show. The one song my Father didn't know the name of the band or song title sounds like the song you are trying to find. Slow paced number, Soul/Rhythm and Blues style. For some reason it had the feel of the South about it. These are all the lyrics I can remember, I hope they trigger someone's memories. This is all I can recall and some of it may well be incorrect.

"Over heard you tell your best friend, how much you wanted to, but your mama got your stupid brother all the time watching you, come one baby let's sneak away and get it on, it's a long time coming and it ain't gonna last that long.

Over heard you tell your best friend how you need it again but your stupid daddy preaching from the pulpit fire and brimstone wages of sin. Come on baby let's sneak away and get it on, tomorrow is never and yesterday is gone"

Some other lines I partially recall.

"If wishes were horses every beggar in town would ride, if there's water in the river it's gonna rise on both sides"

"Your beau got a brother and brother he's got hot hands, You know that's it's wrong cos he's the beau of your best friend."

Other lines escape me. I've been trying to find the name of the band and the song since I was 14. I'm now 37. The recording my father made is lost, we can't find the cassette. The tune is still stuck in my head, maybe the worst case of earworm ever?

Every few months or so I put as many of the lyrics that I can still recall into Google. Today is the closest I've gotten to the answer, someone else is looking for this song! It's a relief I thought I was going round the bend.

If anyone can shed further light on this mystery song I will be very grateful.

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