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carnival/circus theme song music and video

by zuess

Is the song fast or slow?
cant remember exactly, but it does pick up pace at some point (chorus perhaps)

Does it have heavy drums, guitars, etc.?
probably drums and percussion, cant remember any guitars. definitely no solos

Does it have any unusual sounds?
yes, instruments used in circuses and carnivals

Is it sung by a male or female?
female, thin, big nose, maybe had a fringe for a haircut not sure. not brunette or black haired. most probably blonde or redhead

Where did you hear it?
on youtube, i think it had less than a million hits. nothing mainstream

When did you hear it?
6-7 weeks ago

Any other helpful information
in the video, she opens doors that lead her to nowhere, its like a maze or fun house. she seems lost, but is smiling nonetheless. most of the video is dark from what i recall.

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