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Early 1990s song....PLEASE help....been searching for 20 years!!!

by ERook
(Southdakota )

Early 1990s Song:

I know this may sound crazy, but ever since I was a kid, I've had recurring dreams about this song:

it was a music video I saw when my mom was getting me ready for school when I was a little kid,

in the video, the color scheme is gray and metallic,

there are little cars with different peoples' faces on them & they go about they're daily routines (two of the little "car people" fall in love) and at the end they park in their garage together.

I can only remember a snippet of a lyric in the song, "lets stay in tonight"...that's all I remember.

I've searched almost every corner of the Internet and even asked my parents if they remember that song (they always look at me, puzzled & have no clue what I'm talking about...)

anyway, I even tried looking thru the billboard charts for the 90s and had no luck.

Please help....I've been searching for this song since before google, YouTube and other Internet searches and help boards...

I've been on the search since the first time I heard this song & dreamt of it.

We're talking about nearly 20 years of wondering what song this is, I know its not much to go off of since its a vague music video description but I gotta try.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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