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Looking for a song that seemed soo scandalous when I was little, but would be super tame now

by Brandy G
(Manitoba Canada)

Im sorry this is so vague, but this would have been from the late 90s I think, I was fairly young and it was the first ever tv kiss I ever saw,

the singer was a tween age boy, maybe 13 give or take, I know he was a bit older than me and I was born in 87, and in the video he crashes through a wall I think, then makes out with a girl,

it was fairly moody I believe, maybe a little bit rocky and grungy from the point of veiw of a kid, I think the filming of it was on the darker side, not black and white but very little colour, and I think the boy had spikey brownish hair...

But thats all I can think of right now... wow Im having such a hard time trying to figure this out, Ive been wracking my brain for weeks, I was trying to compare what seemed dirty when I was younger and how very tame it would be nowadays, and that was the first song that made me feel dirty when I was little lol.

I really hope you can help me, if I even had just a couple lyrics im sure I could find it on my own, but thats all I can remember and nothing came up in google...

Thanx in advance for any effort put into this :D

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Looking for a song that seemed soo scandalous when I was little, but would be super tame now

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Sep 04, 2012
Just trying to find a way to follow this
by: Brandy G

Hopefully this works to give me a way to be notified, fingers crossed...

Sep 04, 2012
Any questions to help narrow it down?
by: BrandyG

If you can think of anything that might help you narrow it down let me know, but I cant guarentee Ill have an answer, its a very faint memory :P

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