Find A Song: Looking for song that I heard on the local radio station between 1997-2000

by Wesley Burwell

It was a slow ballad that musically sounded a bit like Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan but faster.

It is not a remake of it as the lyrics, specifically the chorus of the song goes, "I'm just a passenger in (of) time" And another part that I can remember of it near the beginning was, "walking alone (along).....

It was a reflective type song.

At first it sounded like Ozzy Ozbourne but I knew that it wasn't as I am a fan of his and know all of his songs. The voice had its own spin but for the most part sounded like Ozzy.

Definitely, male voice and the tempo of the music didn't vary too much or speed up at all.

Heavy metal ballad sounding, like it could have been from the 80's but it was a new release by a band but the announcer never said the band's name and it sounded so great to me that I thought it would end up getting lots of radio play but never heard it again.

That is about all I can relay about it, but I know the music of the song in my head and the sound of the voice if I ever heard it again. Have searched youtube, and lyric sites with no luck over the years...

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