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losing hope of ever hearing this song again..

by dd


while music hunting on various music sites, i discovered a band and enjoyed one of their songs a lot.

The singer is a female with a dyed red hair, more blood red than any fiery red or lighter shade of red. (it is not paramore, nor garbage, I understand who those bands are, and it's not them)

From what i remember, they are from europe, possibly from denmark, possibly belgium... She however sings in ENGLISH.

The music video shows her and a group of random people in a house.

There is very little natural light, similar to lars von trier's dogme95 standards of filming with whatever natural light is at hand.

Throughout the music video there are clips of her smoking a cigarette, and at one point peeling and eating a banana.

crowded in the house are musicians dressed in clothes endemic to a region somewhere in europe, and im stuck on it being denmark.

they are playing stringed instruments like a sitar looking thing.

the music is almost folkish with a fast tempo. there is no bass line, the drumming is light but noticeable.

there are no electronic instruments in the song, no punk or rock guitar elements at all.

the song is no less that 3 minutes long and no more than 4 minutes.

the song was probably written within the last five years, and i had discovered them about two years ago.

the chorus of the song i dont remember but i've been trying to almost it for the longest time. from what i remember it goes something like "you.....all of the time" (the periods indicating a few words that i cannot recall). there is a second verse that i do not remember at all (only a two line chorus).

this is all i can remember.

i realize in retrospect how lacking my description is, but if anybody knows anything about this ensemble i would be forever grateful.

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