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Mysterious Ballad heard throughout Summer 2003 in Loews Movie Theater??

by Mike Clark

So it has bugged me for almost a decade that I never found out who sang this song I use to hear repeatedly all throughout the summer of 2003.

The catch is I only ever recall hearing it in movie theaters, particularly the Loews in my area (White Marsh, Maryland, USA) that I use to frequent almost weekly during that summer. What can I say, I had a lot of movies to see :)

So Loews at that time would play music from different artists for 10 or 20 minutes before they would dim the lights and start the movie trailers.

I remember at this time, I believe, I use to also hear Prince's new song "Love my Guitar" frequently (not sure if that is the actual name of the song).

I also remember hearing Remy Zero's "Save Me" (the theme song from Smallville) played all the time too. But I use to go to Loews a lot so I may have heard those other songs at different time periods, not necessarily summer 2003 (I can't recall that part accurately down to a specific time range).

But I do recall with certainty that this song was only playing over the course of that summer in 2003.

It may have been released earlier but I am betting it was newer. I never did hear it on MTV or the radio though.

The song was sung by a lady singer, probably best described as a ballad as it was a slow singing flow melodically. I just remember the song almost sounding like it belonged in a movie soundtrack (maybe at the end credits).

I can't recall specific instruments, but believe it was orchestra / classical (but perhaps it was electronic or new age sounding). I do think it had a violin or some similar string instrument.

I do recall that the song made me think of something from Enya, but the female vocal sounded much softer than Enya.

Unfortunately I don't remember any of the words, as I never could understand them as each word was usually held longer, and the pitch changed during some words during the chorus. I don't remember any other backing vocals or other singing, just the one female.

The melody and singing reminded me of the chorus from Evanescence's song "My Immortal", but unlike most of Evanescence songs, there is no heavy rock /metal sounds at all in the song.

In fact the song as a whole was very soft and quiet, and whatever musical elements were there would get louder as the song reached crescendo, but still keeping the slow time / tempo.

But the way the singer from Evanescence sings "My Immortal" with that melodic flow is very similar to this song and its female vocalist, but the song I am thinking of during the chorus (which is about all I can remember now these days) had a lot more high notes than "My Immortal".

I always wondered if it might be an opera singer (although no high pitch long-held dramatic notes like with soprano opera singers).

I hope someone can help me crack this mystery song / artist. Thanks in advance.

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