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Nice Track Missing

by Philipp

Song/Music Video:

I don't even know the artists, or the titel of the song,

The things I'm sure about:

- Two singers (female) -> sisters maybe twins (18-25 years old at this time i think)

- Guitar, Drums and Piano were played

- The word "run" is in the sung lyrics i think

- Some years ago (if you ask me for a time scale i would say between 2005 and 2011)

Some Information about the music video i can remember:

- There are two rooms at the begining i think hotelrooms,
one girls on the first side, the other girl on the side next to, a wall separates them

- Anywhere in the video they pull a rope against each other (you know this outdoor game,...i specially don't know the english name of it :D)

- In the video is a large room too, with a stage where one girls play the piano

- the crowed of the large room is dressed in fully bodysuits

- the color of the suits changes over time: white, white-black, black-red in a rythm i think according to the song

- there are balloons in the video, at the end the girls run away and have to pass through them

I don't have more information, only the knowledge the song was good...

maybe you kann help me :)


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