Find A Song:
Slow Rap/Hip Hop Song, deep guy voice, jazzy trumpet with simple guitar notes.

by Sam

Slow Rap/Hip Hop Song:

Help me with this one, guys:

Around 2006 or 2007 (And maybe 2008) i heared this song on a 'jazz and related music' radio station a couple of times, in Chile -south america (That doesn't matter, the song wasn't latin or something).

This was a Rap / Hip Hop song, >a very slow one< (I mean, really slow), with smooth beats and smooth drums.

The mood was nocturnal.

A male rapper (i'm sure he was black) sang with a really >deep voice<, but with the notes of the song (He was actually singing, not rapping).

I didn't understand the lyrics at the time. But in the chorus i heard a "Ooohh" of the main guy in a duet with other voice -i'm sure it was him overdubbed.

Maybe this song qualifies as a 'Jazz rap' one, because the music surrounding the lyrics was ultra jazzy.

It got a trumpet with a Wah-wah mute -also playing slow, not a lively solo or something.

And it got a guitar too, that sounded like tha one of Wes Montgomery.

But it only featured a couple of notes, repeated through the entire song.

Same thing with the trumpet. Maybe those sounds were samples.

And it featured some scratch too. That is what i clasify this as Hip Hop or Rap.

Even if you aren't really sure about a song or an artist, give any name that comes to your head. It might help.

Oh, and, maybe the song is from the 90's. But who knows. I listened to it in 2007.

Thanks a lot for your help. If you really help me, i will be the happiest guy around. Seriously, i been searching for this like 5 years.

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Slow Rap/Hip Hop Song, deep guy voice, jazzy trumpet with simple guitar notes.

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Nov 05, 2014
To Sam
by: Anonymous

Luxury-Jon bellion

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