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Song probably from the sixties

by Aleix

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I used to hear it in the car when I was a kid, from a cassette tape. To my despair, I can't remember anything from the lyrics.

I seem to remember, though, that the singer was a woman, one with a low voice, not unlike Mariska Veres' voice. I have been looking into Shocking Blue's catalog, but it's not a song by them.

My guess is that it's from the sixties, because it sounds all hippie.

It's slow paced, rather gloomy, solemn, with a tempo and beat very similar to the ending of Hey Jude. The melody is different, of course.

It was the female lead singing alone and then in the chorus a bunch of singers would sing an ascending, dramatic melody. I think, though I might be wrong now, that it didn't have drums, except for the chorus.

The structure of the song clearly emphasised the contrast between the soft, austere verses and the "grandiosity" of the chorus.

Although it's been more than 10 years since I last heard it, I remember distinctly a flute or recorder replying to the lead singer at the end of each verse.

The ending becomes a very inflated, all-together kind of anthem, with the lyrics going "la-la-la", in a pattern that would go "laaaaa la la-laaaaaa la la-laaaaaa laaaaa. Laaa la la-laaaaa laaaaa laaaaaa". The notes in this ending should be "F# - D - E - F# - D - E - F# - A. F# - D - F# - A - B - E". It ended with a fade-out.

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