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Spiffy indie song that's probably gonna kill me if I can't find it

by Francisco S
(Ehhh...I don't wanna say)

Yeah, I don't remember much about the song at all. All I know is that it might have been a man singing it, and the plot is this...

A man wakes up (I think) his girlfriend in his bed on the 2nd floor of a 2 story house.

He is recording all of the events about them. This event is him waking her up with either a breakfast or a birthday cake, because right sfter she turns away from the camera to put on her shirt and he points to the window.

We then see that outside the house is a brand new shiny spiffy car (refurbished convertible if I remember correctly).

They spend the rest of the day driving around in said car.

He is driving and recording her at the same time (a little unsafe if you ask me) having the time of their life, but then things start to get freaky.

She looks at the camera all serious-like and suddenly disappears from the passenger seat only to reappear a second later like nothing was wrong.

I have trouble remembering the rest of the song, but another key point was where he was walking with her and her eyes were blindfolded, and once she takes them off she realizes she has arrived at a beautiful lake surrounded by evergreens and the sunset - and he captures her face in awe.

They go swimming together and, again, while they swim she looks at the camera and disappears while in the water only to reappear again still staring at the camera.

The final scene is the blurriest but it's at night. They are in the car doing something (not THAT something... you dirty!!!) and the whole video camera just jolts in his hands.

And he is in an old car that's not as nice as the new one from the morning. He looks around for the girl in the car only to see he is alone.

He puts the camera on his dashboard where we see he has walked out of his car and holds his head while staring off into the distant darkenss.

Like I said, I don't remember much about the song but I vaguely remember that the beat was slow. And it was a sad song with just one male singer.

I saw it on YouTube, and the video couldn't have been too old. Seems to me to be somewhere from 2000 to 2010.

An indie tune maybe?

If I try too hard to remember, it just forces the memory away. Hmmm, oh well - I hope to find it but thanks anyway :)

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