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Terrific song, popular circa 1970s (1973?), sounds African but I just don't know...

by Victoria
(Brooklyn, NY)

Upbeat Song:

Pretty sure this was on the charts, my third grade teacher played it for us. I recently heard it on a commercial (can't remember for what) and it brought back an unbelievable feeling of nostalgia.

Lyrics? Couldn't begin to tell you. The song is definitely in another language but was popular in the U.S. My teacher was a very attractive single woman who was very chic and up on all the greatest music and was always going out to the NYC discos of the time.

Sounds like female back-up singers, might even be a chorus of some kind.

Main vocal is female with a deepish voice. Maybe what is referred to as a contralto?

Song is very upbeat, you could definitely dance to it (I know, one can dance to almost anything, but you know what I mean), and I can picture it being "mixed," although I have only heard the song itself.

Length? Probably the standard 3.5/4 minutes for radio but again, I don't know.

Genre? I just don't know.

Very cool song, seemed to be happy, smooth and upbeat.

I know this is very vague, but I don't think I can be any more specific. Can anybody assist?

Thanks in advance,


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