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Who sang a song, in early 1970s, which featured lots of laughter and was about a wedding?

by doug

1970s Song About A Wedding:

The song I recall was sung by a male singer;

I don't know when it was released but I used to hear it a lot on the radio in the early 1970s when I
was a small boy.

The song featured the lines, "You went to my wedding", and possibly had other similar lines like, "You laughed at my wedding", or "You cried at my wedding"- I am not 100% sure about the latter two phrases

The main thing I remember is that the singer spent most of the song laughing during the song- occasionally at first, but then almost uncontrollably.

I think in the end his laughter took over the whole song and not much singing was heard after that.

The singer had quite a deep voice.

I am wondering whether this was originally a serious song, of which this chap then performed a comedy version? Not sure, just a guess about that.

The song was very slow, and I don’t recall much musical accompaniment- maybe there was a bit of keyboard or something- definitely not all heavy drums, guitars and the like.

It was a quiet, slow song- with lots of laughter!

Thanks for your help; if I can find out who sang this maybe I can find it on the internet and hear it again, as it used to make me laugh so much.

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