The Guess Who Songs

Like Guess Who music? Check out these popular songs by the Guess Who…


Albert Flasher – 1971 

American Woman (American woman stay away from me, American woman, just let me be) - 1970 

And She’s Mine – 1966 

Believe Me – 1966

Broken – 1971 

Bus Rider – 1970/1971 

Clap For The Wolfman - 1974 

Clock On The Wall – 1966 

Dancin’ Fool – 1975 

Flying On The Ground Is Wrong – 1967 

Follow Your Daughter Home – 1973 


Glamour Boy – 1973 

Guns, Guns, Guns – 1972 

Hand Me Down World – 1970 

Hang On To Your Life – 1970/1971 

Heartbroken Bopper – 1972 

Hey Ho, What You Do To Me – 1965 - (also known as Chad Allan And The Expressions at the time)

His Girl – 1967 

Hurting Each Other - 1965/1966 – (also known as Chad Allan And The Expressions at the time)

Laughing - 1969 

Life In The Bloodstream – 1971/1972 

Loves Me Like A Brother – 1975 

No Sugar Tonight (no sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea) - 1970 

No Time (seasons change and so did I, you need not wonder why) - 1970 

Of A Dropping Pin – 1968 

Orly – 1973 

Pretty Blue Eyes – 1967 

Proper Stranger – 1970/1971 


Rain Dance – 1971 

Roseanne – 1975

Runnin’ Back To Saskatoon – 1972 

Seems Like I Can’t Live With You, But I Can’t Live Without You – 1975 

Shakin’ All Over – 1965 - (also known as Chad Allan And The Expressions at the time)

Share The Land - 1970 

Silver Bird – 1976 

Sour Suite – 1971 

Star Baby – 1974 

These Eyes (these eyes are crying, these eyes have seen a lot of love but they're never gonna see another one like I had with you) - 1969 

This Time Long Ago – 1967 

Tossin’ And Turnin – 1965 – (also known as Chad Allan And The Expressions at the time)

Undone – see Undun 

Undun (she’s come undone, she didn’t know what she was headed for) – 1969 

When Friends Fall Out – 1968 

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