Help me to find two french songs in 1994-1997

I'm seeking for two songs they were FRENCH songs and the music was beautiful in the these two music but i do not remember the lyrics because of the language but I remember the video clips of both these songs.

I saw these clips first time on a french music Chanel on the TV and I think it was in the era of 1990-1996 but I think approximately it was in the year of 94 , 95 or 96.

Now I will post the details of the video clip for the first song:

The singer face is unknown butit was somewhat like telling a story of a prostitutes night girl and sometimes her pimp comes to her and in a scene of the clip the pimp was like knocking her head maybe because she didn't work well.
there was a nasty scene in that clip where a man or a girl wanted to see the bottom of that prostitute's underwear while she was looking at a window or something!

at the end of the clip it was shown some prostitutes in the street wanted to seduce men to get a job and one of these girls was covered with coat but she was only covering the under wear of a bra and a bikini beneath that coat!

I will try to write the main tonge as i can but remember it was with french language so it is a little bit difficult! here are the main lovely tone:

"Tosix Six Souwender allo Poullyyyy ohao allo por allo homm"

I hope it helps.


THIS IS the REAL Deal! this song in my opinion is more beautiful than the first one although its video clip was somewhat a seduction clip

The singer was a BLACK FRENCH Singer I think he was a with not noticeable Afro hair!

the video clip had many girls but mainly there are THREE BLACK girls wearing white bikinis and the color of their lips where something like a dark silver color and the three black girls were with the same styles and with the same white bikinis.These girls were singing after him the main beautiful tone.

The main tone was somthing like:

(Yeahh Sowaa Yeppa pa eah ho depa... Yeahh Sowaa Yeppa pa eah ho depa)

and at the end these girls were signing somthing like:

(Jama dictorrr Jamaa dictorrr Jama dictor Jamaa Dictorr)
that was like the ending of this beautiful song!

I hope this will help.

Thanks for you all.

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