Help Needed With 1994/1995 House Song

by Patrick
(La Mirada, CA)


Please help me find the artist and title of a house/club mix song that has been driving me crazy for years and years. The song was popular at the very end of 1994 and first few months of 1995 but I don't know when it actually first came out. Mainstream radio played it during those late-night weekend club mixes.

The song started off with a loud, rather startling and discordant mariachi-style Spanish chorus, but I can't recall specifically what he said. The mariachi verse echoed several times after this, getting softer and softer and eventually fading away. The rest of the song was pretty simple and unremarkable, consisting of a lightly-tapped beat of "pop-poppa-da-pop-pop-padop"--very simple. The background music was similar to humming. In about a minute, the mariachi chorus was done again, followed by the beat again. The mariachi sample was the only vocalization of any kind in the song. The song is maybe three minutes in total length but that is just an estimate.

I would call the tempo moderate--not slow, not fast. It was played on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Any suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I know this is pretty darn obscure; you guys might be my last hope.


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