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Since there are still a lot of other interests in the fun aspects of music such as karaoke, here's another page of helpful music sites for you...

DJs: - Tips and tricks for dj's.

Total DJ - Learn how to DJ, how to become a DJ, find out which is the best DJ equipment and gear for you, get tips on knowing your music, learning how to mix properly and of course, how to best promote yourself. Get remix tips, production advice, gear reviews, mixing techniques, promotion tips and so on.

KARAOKE: Recommendations, information and all of the facts pertaining to karaoke equipment, such as microphones, machines, discs, computer software and all things related to karaoke.

RECORDING STUDIO HISTORY: - The guide to Recording Studio History and Knowledge


If you are passionate about any aspect of songwriting then you have come to the right place! Want to learn music theory? Want to write better lyrics? Have songs but need to record them? Do you want to license your songs to TV?

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