I can only remember the music video...

by Sabrina
(Los Angeles)

Music Video:

So it starts as a couple going to bed and they start dreaming.

I can't remember the specific order of what happens, so bear with me:

The husband's dream starts and it shows a party. He is having a good time and I think he flirts with some girls, but I don't really remember. Then he sees two giant wolf-ish things? (costumes) in suits taking his wife and he goes after her.

It then shows the wife's dream where she is trapped in a cabin or something like that and the two wolf costume guys are trying to come get her, one in the cellar, one at the front door.

It goes to the husband's dream, where I think he is chopping wood or something. He hears his wife's scream and runs to save her. Two blocks of wood in his hands turn into numchucks? and he continues running.

I can't remember what happens next but I think the wolves in suit break in, the husband saves the wife, etc.

What I do remember is that after he saves her, the shot returns to the couple in bed sleeping.

The wolf things then enter, only to rip open the suits to reveal two of the band members playing guitar! the husband gets out of bed and joins them, only for the bedsheet to be whisked off to reveal a drum kit, and the wife is the drummer who then starts playing with them.

If anyone knows what song this is, please tell me!

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Aug 18, 2015
Foo Fighters Everlong
by: Anonymous

Foo Fighters "Everlong"

May 05, 2015
A-Moe - Mom is home
by: Magnus

I think it´s "Mom is home" by A-Moe. Correct?

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