Indie Folk / Rock song , sounds like Woodkid / Arcade Fire / Beirut / the Hoosiers / Noah and the Whale

Memory of this song has lingered for over a year and searching Pandora history hasn't helped either.

I believe this song appeared on Pandora under Arcade Fire , Beirut , Noah and the Whale , the Hoosiers and/or possibly Woodkid .

It features a male vocalist who sounds like he could be from any one of the bands listed above . I think the song begins with some rain and background noise / shuffling / movement . The sound either dissipates or possibly lingers at a lower volume once the singing commences. I remember hearing more acoustic guitar than anything, but I could be wrong. He has this sad , whiny , whimpering tone and places emphasis on certain words in the lyrics. I can't type any lyrics that I'm even 10% positive exist in the beginning of the song. After the song progresses for a bit , he says a short phrase which I think is three syllables in length . It could be a number of things . I think it sounds like one of these.

" Oooooh myyy Gooood .... "
" Hooooollll diiing ooooon "

When this 3 syllable phrase comes out , I think it sounds a bit louder , and I think that his voice is either duplicated or there is more vocalists joining in. The song in general gets a bit louder too ( again , I think )

I can't say anymore without giving what I believe would be false information . I can also confirm that this isn't "Devil's in the Details" by " The Hoosiers " .

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