Instrumental Songs

Here are some favorite popular instrumentals.


Albatross (guitar instrumental) - 1968 - Fleetwood Mac

Alfie (instrumental with heavy harmonica) – 1968 – Eivets Rednow (Stevie Wonder)

Also Sprach Zarathustra (Instrumental) - 1973 - Deodato

Anna (fast-paced instrumental) - 1961 - Jorgen Ingmann & His Guitar

Apache (medium to fast-paced Instrumental) - 1961 - Jorgen Ingmann & His Guitar

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"Apartment, The" (Theme) (piano instrumental) - 1960 - Ferrante and Teicher

Ape No Mountain High Enough (instrumental with animal sounds) – 1988/1989 – Bernie Krause

Around The World (slow instrumental) - 1957 - Victor Young

A-Team, The (military-style theme from the tv show) – 1984 - Daniel Caine Orchestra

Autumn Leaves (piano and orchestra Instrumental) - 1955 - Roger Williams

Axel F (Instrumental theme from Beverly Hills Cop) - 1985 - Harold Faltermeyer

Baby Elephant Walk (playful instrumental) - 1961 – Henry Mancini

Baby Elephant Walk (playful instrumental) (cover version) - 1962 - Lawrence Welk

Blue Tango (upbeat instrumental) - 1951 - Leroy Anderson

Born Free (mostly Instrumental with some background singers singing "born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, born free to follow your heart") - 1966 - Roger Williams

Born Free (Instrumental version of the classic song) - 1969 - Hank Marvin


Calcutta (Instrumental with people humming and singing "la la..." in the background) - 1961 - Lawrence Welk

Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (upbeat instrumental heavy on trumpet) - 1955 - Eddie Calvert

Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (upbeat instrumental) - 1955 - Perez Prado

Classical Gas (popular fast-paced instrumental heavy on acoustic guitar) - 1968 - Mason Williams

Cut The Cake (mostly disco Instrumental with some singing "gimme gimme gimme gimme...") - 1975 - Average White Band

(The) Deer Hunter Theme (Cavatina) (slow instrumental – from the movie The Deer Hunter) - 1979 – Shadows

Doina de Jale (instrumental with a pan flute) – 1976 – Gheorghe Zamfir

Dueling Banjos (bluegrass-style instrumental) - 1973 - Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell


Entertainer, The (piano Instrumental from movie, The Sting) - 1974 - Marvin Hamlisch

Exodus (piano instrumental) - 1961 - Ferrante and Teicher

Express (Disco Instrumental) - 1975 - B.T. Express

Fifth Of Beethoven, A (Disco Instrumental) (From "Saturday Night Fever") - 1976 - Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band

Fire On High (fast-paced instrumental) - 1978 - Electric Light Orchestra

Fish Wrap (instrumental with animal sounds) – 1988/1989 – Bernie Krause

Fly Me To The Moon-Bossa Nova (Instrumental with Bossa Nova sound) - 1963 - Joe Harnell

Forty Miles Of Bad Road (upbeat instrumental) - 1959 - Duane Eddy

Frankenstein (Instrumental with some heavy and futuristic sounds) - 1973 - Edgar Winter Group


Get Carter Theme (Carter Takes A Train) (from the movie Get Carter) (instrumental) - 1971 - Roy Budd

Gold Bug, The (instrumental) – 1980 - Alan Parsons Project

Got To Hurry (instrumental) – 1965 – The Yardbirds

Green Onions (popular 1960s instrumental with heavy organ) - 1962 - Booker T. & MG's

Happy Whistler, The (Instrumental with whistling) - 1956 - Don Robertson

Hawaii Five-O (fast-paced instrumental) (from the tv show Hawaii Five-O) - 1969 - The Ventures

"Hill Street Blues" (slow-paced instrumental theme from the tv show Hill Street Blues) - 1981 - Mike Post featuring Larry Carlton

Hocus Pocus (Rock instrumental with some yodeling) - 1973 – Focus

Hooked On Classics (Instrumentals - fun versions of classical songs) - 1982 - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra &

Horse, The (popular funky instrumental) - 1968 - Cliff Nobles & Co. The Horse (Stereo) - The Phil-LA of Soul Singles Collection 1968-1972


Il Silenzio (Instrumental heavy on the trumpet) - 1965 - Nini Rosso

In The Mood (fun, upbeat swing instrumental) - 1939/1940 - Glenn Miller

In The Mood (fun, upbeat instrumental) - 1959 - Ernie Fields

James Bond Theme (modern techno version)- 1997 - Moby

Java (upbeat Instrumental - heavy on trumpet) - 1964 - Al Hirt

Jaws score (well-known instrumental) – 1975 - John Williams and orchestra

Jaws (Instrumental disco version) - 1976 - Lalo Schifrin

Jeff’s Boogie (instrumental) – 1966 – The Yardbirds

Jessica (upbeat rock/blues/jazzy instrumental) - 1973 - The Allman Brothers Band

Joy (upbeat instrumental) - 1972 - Apollo 100 featuring Tom Parker

Jungle Fever (mostly instrumental with a latin beat and a woman talking softly) - 1972 - Chakachas


Last Night (classic upbeat instrumental) - 1961 - The Mar-Keys

Let There Be Drums (fast instrumental heavy on drums) - 1961 - Sandy Nelson

Lily Was Here (Instrumental heavy on saxophone) - 1990 - Candy Dulfer and David A. Stewart

Lisbon Antigua (upbeat instrumental) - 1956 - Nelson Riddle

Lonely Bull, The (El Solo Toro) (instrumental with Tijuana sound) - 1962 - The Tijuana Brass with Herb Alpert

Lost In Space (from the 1998 movie Lost In Space) (mostly instrumental, fast-paced with a techno sound) - 1998 - Apollo 440

Love Is Blue (medium-paced breezy instrumental) - 1968 - Paul Mauriat

"Love Story" (Theme from Love Story) (popular slow instrumental) - 1971 - Henry Mancini

Love's Theme (popular disco instrumental) - 1974 - Love Unlimited Orchestra

Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet (slow instrumental heavy on piano) - 1969 - Henry Mancini and His Orchestra


"Man With The Golden Arm, The" Main Title (upbeat instrumental) - 1956 - Elmer Bernstein

"Man With The Golden Arm, The" Main Title Theme (upbeat instrumental) - 1956 - Billy May

"Man With The Golden Arm, The" Main Title Theme (upbeat instrumental) - 1962 - Jet Harris

"Man With The Golden Arm, The" Themes (upbeat instrumental) - 1956 - Richard Maltby

Manhattan Spiritual (upbeat instrumental) - 1959 - Reg

Maria Elena (breezy Hawaiian-sounding instrumental) - 1963 - Los Indios Tabajaras

Melody Of Love (upbeat instrumental) - 1955 - Billy Vaughn

Memphis (fast-paced instrumental) - 1963 - Lonnie Mack

Miami Vice Theme (synthesizer-heavy instrumental) - 1985 - Jan Hammer

Midnight Cowboy (leisurely-paced instrumental) - 1970 - Ferrante and Teicher

Midnight In Moscow (upbeat instrumental heavy on horns)- 1962 - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen

Misirlou (surf instrumental) - 1962 - Dick Dale And His Del-Tones

Mission Impossible Theme (fast-paced instrumental) – 1966 - Lalo Schifrin

Mission Impossible Theme (fast-paced instrumental) - 1996 - Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen

Moby Dick (rock Instrumental) - 1969 - Led Zeppelin

Moonglow and Theme From "Picnic" (casual instrumental) - 1956 - Morris Stoloff

Moonglow and Theme From "Picnic" (casual instrumental) - 1956 - George Cates

Moonlight Serenade (slow-paced instrumental) - 1954 - Glenn Miller

Moonlight Serenade/Little Brown Jug/In The Mood (Instrumental) - 1976 - Glenn Miller

Moritat (A Theme From "The Three Penny Opera") (Instrumental) - 1956 - The Dick Hyman Trio

Mozart Symphony No. 40 In G Minor (Instrumental) - 1971 - Waldo De Los Rios

Music Box Dancer (happy-sounding instrumental heavy on piano) - 1979 - Frank Mills


Nadia's Theme (Bless the Beasts and the Children; The Young And The Restless) (Instrumental) - 1971/1976 - Barry DeVornon and Perry Botkin, Jr.

Near You (upbeat instrumental heavy on piano) - 1958 - Roger Williams

On The Rebound (fast-paced instrumental) - 1961 - Floyd Cramer

One Mint Julep (jazzy mid-tempo instrumental with a lot of horns and organ) - 1961 - Ray Charles

Only You (slow-paced instrumental) - 1959 - Franck Pourcel's French Fiddles

Our Winter Love (slow-paced instrumental) - 1963 - Bill Pursell

Outa-Space (fast-paced instrumental heavy on bass) - 1972 - Billy Preston

Overture From Tommy (A Rock Opera) (fast-paced instrumental) - 1970 - The Assembled Multitude


Patricia (upbeat, fun instrumental) - 1958 - Perez Prado

Peter Gunn (popular Instrumental) - 1959 - Ray Anthony

Peter Gunn (popular Instrumental) - 1986 - Art Of Noise (featuring Duane Eddy)

Peter Gunn Theme (popular Instrumental) - 1959 - Duane Eddy

Petite Fleur (medium-paced Instrumental) - 1959 - Chris Barber's Jazz Band

Pick Up The Pieces (mostly instrumental, "pick up the pieces" is sung/said a few times) - 1975 - Average White Band

'Picnic' Theme and Moonglow (slow to medium-pacedInstrumental) - 1956 - Morris Stoloff

Pink Panther Theme (jazzy instrumental from the 1963 movie The Pink Panther) – 1963 – Henry Mancini >

Pipeline (surfing instrumental) - 1963 - The Chantays

Poor People Of Paris (upbeat instrumental with whistling) - 1956 - Les Baxter

Poor People Of Paris (very fast-paced instrumental heavy on piano) - 1956 - Winifred Atwell

Popcorn (fun Instrumental) - 1972 - Hot Butter

Quadrophonia (Instrumental – Techno) - 1991 – Quadrophonia

Quentin's Theme (slow-paced instrumental from the TV series 'Dark Shadows') - 1969 - Charles Randolph Grean Sounde

Quiet Village (bossa-nova style instrumental with jungle sounds in the background) - 1959 - Martin Denny


Raunchy (upbeat instrumental) - 1957 - Ernie Freeman

Raunchy (upbeat instrumental) - 1957 - Bill Justis

Raunchy (upbeat instrumental) - 1958 - Billy Vaughn

Rebel-'Rouser (fast-paced instrumental) - 1958 - Duane Eddy

Red River Rock (Instrumental) - 1959 - Johnny & the Hurricanes

Rise (medium-paced popular instrumental heavy on trumpet and with a disco background) - 1979 - Herb Alpert

Rock And Roll Part 2 (mostly Instrumental except for "Hey" shouted a lot; a popular song at many sporting events) - 1972 - Gary Glitter

Rockford Files, The (from the tv show The Rockford Files) (instrumental) - 1975 - Mike Post

Rockit (futuristic-sounding upbeat funky Instrumental) - 1983 - Herbie Hancock

Rodrigo's Guitar Concierto De Aranjuez (instrumental heavy on guitar) - 1976 - Manuel and His Music of the Mountains

Romeo and Juliet (love theme) (slow instrumental heavy on piano) - 1969 - Henry Mancini and His Orchestra

Route 66 Theme (from the tv show Route 66) (mid-tempo instrumental) - 1960 - Nelson Riddle


Sail Along Silvery Moon (Instrumental heavy on horns) - 1958 - Billy Vaughn

Scorpio (funky instrumental) - 1972 - Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band

Shangri-La (slow instrumental) - 1964 - Robert Maxwell

Sleep Walk (slow instrumental with a "surf" guitar sound) - 1959 - Santo and Johnny

Sleepwalk - see Sleep Walk

So Rare (mostly Instrumental, slow) - 1957 - Jimmy Dorsey

Soft Summer Breeze (slow jazzy instrumental) - 1956 - Eddie Heywood

Songbird (slow instrumental heavy on saxophone) - 1987 - Kenny G

Soulful Strut (popular medium-paced funky instrumental) - 1969 - Young-Holt Unlimited

Space Race (fast-paced funky instrumental) - 1973 - Billy Preston

Staccato's Theme (horn-heavy instrumental from the tv show Johnny Staccato) - 1959 - Elmer Bernstein

Star Wars (Main Title) (famous instrumental) - 1977 - John Williams and The LSO

Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band (instrumental with a disco background) - 1977 - Meco

Steeled Blues (instrumental) – 1965 – The Yardbirds

Stomp in the Name of Love (instrumental with animal sounds) – 1988/1989 – Bernie Krause

Stranger On The Shore (slow instrumental heavy on clarinet) - 1962 - Mr. Acker Bilk

Stripper, The (famous stripper-theme instrumental) - 1962 - David Rose

"Summer Place, A" (Theme From) (breezy instrumental) - 1960 - Percy Faith

Sunchyme (slow instrumental) - 1997 - Dario G

S.W.A.T. (Theme) (Instrumental) - 1976 - Rhythm Heritage

Syncopated Clock (instrumental with metronome sounds) – 1945/1946 - Leroy Anderson


Taste Of Honey, A (upbeat instrumental heavy on trumpet) - 1965 - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

Tea For Two Cha Cha (popular upbeat Cha Cha instrumental) - 1958 - The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Teen Beat (fast-paced instrumental) - 1959 - Sandy Nelson

Telstar (upbeat instrumental with a futuristic sound for 1962) - 1962 - The Tornados

Tequila (upbeat instrumental with "Tequila" shouted from time to time) - 1958 - The Champs

(Theme For) Young Lovers (Instrumental) - 1964 - Shadows

(Overture From) Tommy (A Rock Opera) (fast-paced instrumental) - 1970 - Assembled Multitude

Topsy II (fast-paced instrumental) - 1958 - Cozy Cole

Tracy's Theme (medium-paced instrumental) - 1960 - Spencer Ross

Tubular Bells (medium-paced instrumental from the The Excorcist) - 1974 - Mike Oldfield

Typewriter, The (instrumental with the sound of a typewriter throughout) - 1950 - Leroy Anderson


Walk-Don't Run (fast-paced "surf" instrumental) - 1960 - The Ventures

Walk-Don't Run '64 (fast-paced "surf" instrumental) - 1964 - The Ventures

Walk Don't Run (fast-paced "surf" instrumental) - 1960 - John Barry Seven

Washington Square (Instrumental) - 1963 - Village Stompers

White Silver Sands (upbeat instrumental) - 1960 - Bill Black's Combo

Wild Weekend (upbeat instrumental) - 1962 - The Rockin' Rebels

Wipe Out (fast-paced "Surfing" Instrumental) - 1963 - The Surfaris

Wonderland By Night (slow instrumental) - 1961 - Bert Kaempfert

Wonderland By Night (slow instrumental) - 1961 - Louis Prima


Yellow Bird (Instrumental) - 1961 - Arthur Lyman Group

"Young And The Restless" Theme (Nadia's Theme) (slow instrumental) - 1976 - Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin, Jr.

(Theme For) Young Lovers (medium-paced instrumental) - 1964 – Shadows

Zoo Gang (upbeat instrumental) – 1973/1974 – Paul McCartney and Wings

Zorba The Greek (fast-paced instrumental heavy on trumpet) - 1966 - Herb Alpert

Zorba's Dance (Instrumental) (from Zorba The Greek) - 1965 - Marcello Minerbi

Zorro's Theme (slow instrumental) (from The Mask Of Zorro) - 1998 - James Horner

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Outter Space ( I think) 
I can't find this song from mid-60's it's electronic with saxes groove, I believe the artist name is Horn or Horne (not Paul). It 's been haunting …

Instrumental Song:
You left out the biggest selling rock instrumental ever. Where is Telstar?

Favorite Instrumental Song:
Blue Tango
This cheesy song from the early 50's by Leroy Anderson is probably the first instrumental I can remember. It caught my ear and, as my musical …

My favorite instrumental songs... 
My favorite instrumental songs: Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer. Fun synthesizer-heavy theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini. …

instrumental song Not rated yet
im trying to find an intrumental song that starts with xylophone then bongo joins and then violin and banjo type guitar starts..and it has a african …

Midnight by Johnny Gibson Not rated yet
Great upbeat piano tune with strings, apparently not easily available from Amazon. Maybe this is what my mother hoped for when she paid for piano lessons …

Concerto Pour Une Voix - Saint Preux Not rated yet
one of the best instrumentals of all time!

Concerto Pour Une Voix - Saint Preux Not rated yet
one of the best instrumentals of all time!

Manha de Carnaval - Claude Ciari  Not rated yet
one of the best version of classic exotic track!

Haunted Guitar - The Royal Guitar Ensemble 1967 Not rated yet
incredible guitar tones!

Johnny Guitar - Ricky King  Not rated yet
breathtaking version of the classick track!

Tombe la neige - Claude Ciari (two different versions!) Not rated yet
one of the best version of claasic french song!

La playa - Claude Ciari (1964) Not rated yet
classic instrumental best version!

The Music played (Was ich dir sagen will) - Roberto Mann  Not rated yet
I believe the best instrumental of Germany

sundays and cybelle - werner müller "International Film Festival" 1964  Not rated yet
wanna start a mysterious adventure?

charade - ronnie aldrich Not rated yet
unique piano tones!

Eastern Journey - Biddu Orchestra Not rated yet
come taste of the eastern

El Cordobes - Marcello Minerbi (1966 single) Not rated yet
it has emotional cowboy movie sound!

"A Walk in the Black Forest" by Horst Jankowski Not rated yet
A childhood memory, especially around xmas, as I remember hearing it while looking in the picture window displays of one of the big dept stores downtown. …

albatross Not rated yet
awsom listening song

Nut Rocker - 1962 - B. Bumble & The Strigers (also 1972 by Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Not rated yet
This is a Rock n' Roll version of "March of the Wooden Soldiers" from the famous ballet music "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky.

Yakety Sax (also known as Benny Hiil Show theme song) - 1963 - Boots Randolph Not rated yet
This instrumental song is played with the fast-paced sketch at the end of the Benny Hill Show. Anybody who watched at least the very end of the Benny …

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Tijuana Taxi - 1965 - Herb Alpert Not rated yet
This is arguably the most upbeat instrumental song from Herb Alpert.

... wind ... Not rated yet
It is synthesizer instrumental, pretty slow but not completely, sad melody, one part is melody with blurred sound of wind. It was very popular on …

Sirius by the Alan Paron's Project Not rated yet
One of those pieces that you never know the name of for ages, yet extremely famous. And I'm a Brit so not a Bulls fan!

Favorite Instrumental Song: Love Theme Finale - Graeme Revell - The Saint Original Sound Track (1997)  Not rated yet
A rare case where a song enhances a movie - The Saint (Val Kilmer, 1997). Not a well-known movie and a lesser known song. Heavy strings, light, …

Favorite Instrumental Song:
Manhatten Seranade?
 Not rated yet
Not sure of the title, but thought it was a big band gospel instrumental from the late 50's. HOPE SOMEONE CAN PROPERLY IDENTIFY/FIND IT.

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