I've been trying to remember this song for 10 years!

by Jemma-Anne

I'm terrible at describing music so please forgive me. It's so distant in my memory now it's going to be hard for me to give details also I stress this is so hard to remember for me so some details may be incorrect. Sorry.

OK. So... It had a male and female singing. The male sang the verses and the female sang the chorus, I think. A mellow song with a slightly strange sound kind of hallowing (oh god no ones going to get this!) separate slow tones like daaaaaa...daaaa...daaaa the male is 20-30ish? and walking down the street in an 70 - 80's type London city/town. they both have unique some could say depressing tone voices.

I think it rains while he is walking though the street. I think the girls in a room somewhere like a hotel or something and the video has like a brown muted colour. The male is wearing a British flat cap and tan trench coat and the camera follows him from behind.

I THINK the song came out in the late 90's to very early 2000's. there may be an umbrella in there some where but I don't know. If someone has any inkling please help me it's driving me mental!

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