Late 60's song on back of a popular album; a white group did it, thought the song was "Give it up" or "Given Up"

Sounded Very "3 Dog Night" ish. On back of a popular 67/68..maybe even 1969 Album

I could have sworn the song title was "Givin' up" or "Give it up"

Song was slow, like a ballad. The male singer in this all male band sang solo, I don't remember drums in it...he voice went on high notes. About him being so in love with this girl and he can't give her up. The phrase repeated was "Givin up, is so hard to do...give it up, I can't give it up"

It is NOT Neil Sedak's "Breaking up is hard to do" Not even close. This was a "cool" group at the time, one of the lesser known songs on an album.

I remember part of a lyric...

"The way she kisses me, makes me feel (something) inside" "And I can't get away" "I can't give it up oh no no no no no no

It definately sounded like a 3 Dog Night ish vocal from their lead singer but I checked their albums I do not see such a song on it. Could even be "Vanilla Fudge" but I doubt it.

if you know it email me at iviewsnews@aol Thanks driving me nuts no one knows one

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