Looking for a song from the early 2000s

The song is called something Breathe by a band named Moseley (or a variation of, you can’t really get a spelling form the DJ saying the name) the video had a little girl lying on a hospital/metal bed and there was an old woman involved and at one point the girls spirit was floating above her. I don’t know if that helps any, but I’m throwing it all out there, everything I have.

and now the lyrics Breathe by Moseley(?)

Another day to play the game / Take some time so I might breathe / Saw it in the paper once again / The worried state of man / Why do we do the things we do / In the pool and I’m not swimming / Treading water just to stay alive / I will wake up / Wont you stand up / Wont you breathe / So far from here / But so close to home / Who really cares / You want to leave / Before this is over / Well finish what you started (Chorus) I will hold on / I will / We’ve come so far / And I will hold on / I will / We’ve come so far / And I will hold on / Wake up wont you / Stand up wont you / Breathe / Wake up wont you / Stand up wont you / Breathe / Somewhere for me / Well stand up wont you / Breathe yeah / With me yeah / Yeah breathe.

It was sung by a male singer and was fairly popular on local (American) radio and music tv stations in 2003/2004ish.

If anyone could find a link or something, I'd be super grateful (as would the person who has been looking for it)!

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