love of my life ( "please me")

by William

year, artist 2013ish male singer "please me"

where i last heard it radio song I heard it all of the time in the US 2012-2013 while driving in my car

melody: its got the same melody most of the song its really dramatic sounding. Could have piano in the background

{it starts of really low, then it goes high, trys to keep it UP there / And then drop back off in to the low sounding build up/ Then he goes high, HIGH AGAIN. repeat...}

its almost like a tom jones michael buble balad but I know its neither of these guys. Its most likely a one hit wonder...

my lyrics are as close to what I think the song is?

one morning i woke up and i see your face /
it was the only thing here in this place /
it was the love my life / it was magic to see your eyes /
i cant wake up and see your face shining so bright
i need you / i need you

im just walking back trying to take a second to smile
end up feeling good for a while
now i need to see your face / singing im on the sun
looking out for number one

it might just be that I've had enough for a while
until you give me another smile
and I see your face its looking so bright in day
couldn't let you go away

how are you looking so bright
when I see you at night
I look like im about to cry
when I ask why? you just laugh and smile

it couldnt work if we were friends
It all depends in the end
who's going to be who's friend
I can never win it would be a mistake

this is all I could come up with its kinda a slow song.

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