Male/Female Pop Duet

I heard this song on french radio while I was in France a few months ago (May) and I can't remember very much about it other than the fact that I really liked it. The radio station played pretty typical pop music, at the time I think I was also hearing fairly often the song 'Cheerleader', Feder - 'Goodbye' feat. Lyse, and Madilyn Bailey's cover of Sia/Guetta's 'Titanium' played at least twice.

It's a pop song, sung partly by a female and partly by a male (I feel like the female was the more dominant voice in the chorus... i think...). The fact that I was in France at the time makes me think maybe one of the singers was french or maybe it had lyrics in french or something. I can't remember why, but the fact that the song had French vibes really stuck with me, but obviously that could just be because I was in France. But you know when a song just feels quite European? I think the song was quite popular because I had a vague feeling that I had heard it previously (whether that may be recent or a few years ago I'm not sure, the song didn't exactly sound like it was pushing the boundaries of current music, it could easily have been a few years old).

The song is quite upbeat and has an 'epic' feel about it. More electronic instruments were used than acoustic I would guess... I can't really remember any specific details about it but maybe this description will help narrow it down for one of you guys. Thanks!

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