Metal/Post-Hardcore/Emo song, film clip running through a snowy forest chasing a girl

by Matthew
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

So the film clip starts off with a guy chasing a girl through a snowy forest. Eventually he catches her, they enter a door and go back to the real world and it was a dream (cliche I know)

Anyway, the song is sung by a guy, stereotypical look of the genre (black skinny jeans, black hair with fringe etc). Song is mostly clean vocals, but the vocalist has a little flair at the end of each line.

Goes into a drum solo starting with triplets on the snare, then goes into triplets on the base drum about 3/4 of the way through the song. Cannot remember ANY of the lyrics nor the song name or band who sung it :(

I think there were 5 band members. 2 guitarists, 1 base, 1 drums, 1 vocals. I found a cover of the song on youtube (first time I heard it) by searching for a drum cover for a song by The Devil Wears Prada from the With Roots Above and Branches Below album.

Sorry for very vague information, but that is really all I remember of it.

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