Mid to late 90's rap song with black girl singing hook and you can see her face during every hook in the music video

by Bo

Oh my goodness… If anyone can find the answer for who sang the song I'm looking for I would be shocked.

Sometime during the mid to late 90s there was a song that played on the top 20 on BET. I cannot remember the groups name or any of the words of the song, but I do remember the hook involved a black girl who got face time during her look in the video.

It mostly just showed her face while she singing the hook, and for some reason I keep remembering The song or video had something to do with "lips", maybe it was just that she had pretty lips. I don't remember.

If I had to take my best guess it would be that this was a southern rap group and song. For the longest time I thought it may be the rap group ghetto mafia, but I'm almost positive it is not.

Please help! This has driven me crazy for years, and I cannot rest until I know what song it was. The one thing I'm sure of is that it was in the top 20, maybe even top 10 as I would watch it on BET in the evenings. I think right around that same time I remember watching the video forward to brats funkdafied and 112's anywhere

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