Music Video: Female Artist Playing Piano in Empty Daytime Cafe

I heard this song while watching a music video in late October or perhaps early November 2014. In the video, there is only one person, a lone female playing the piano. The artist appears to be classically trained, or at least a virtuoso on the piano, and the melody itself is very repetitive, but unique and haunting--a kind of rolling piano melody that repeats under very poetic lyrics. I remember no other instrumentation, just voice and piano. She is wearing a black dress, maybe with chiffon sleeves, and her hair is reddish blonde or blondish red, and it is up in a french plait or french twist. Her neck is bare. The entire video is shot from behind and above her from her right, as her face is not shown except in profile, and the video is very shadowy except for daytime light seeming to come from the front of the empty bar/cafe/restaurant. There are many tables with the chairs upside-down on top, as if closed for the day. It is otherwise empty. The song is very melancholy and sounds almost like an art song or contemporary cabaret torch song. The artist is definitely not well-known and the song is not something one would hear on the radio. Since the song is so unique and difficult to compare to anything else, I think it is more likely someone would be able to help me if they too remember the visual details of the video: this lone woman playing piano in an empty daytime cafe.

No she is not Tori Amos or any other famous piano-playing female musician. This musician would be a new, up-and-coming independent artist.

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