Music video with asian girl who takes pictures with her camera in city

by Tom

Hi, I'm searching for the song to a music video which starts with a woman and her boyfriend waking up in bed.
Then she is in a city (somewhere in Japan ? idk) and meets some friends. They are eating rice and talk and in the scene she thinks her boyfriend is with her, and she holds his hand, but he is not really there. After that she takes some pictures of the city and during the refrain, it shows her directly pointing the camera to the viewer and somebody (probably her boyfriend, but you can only see his hands) reaches from behind her and shifts the camera by grabbing her arms.

At the end of the video she wakes up in the bed again and realizes her boyfriend is there again.

The singer is male and has a very distinct voice, it sounds kinda broken but still good.
I hope this description is good enough.. I've been searching for this song / video for ages, but couldn't find it anymore.

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