Music Video

-Is the song fast or slow?: about average speed

-Does it have heavy drums, guitars, etc.?: It has more of just a background beat than anything.

-Is it sung by a male or female?: African American Male

-Where did you hear it?: MTV during their early morning music video playlist on tv

-What country was it played in?: United States of America

-When did you hear it?: early 2000s (most likely between 2004-2008)

-Any other helpful information:

The music video has him waking up in a cartoony, bright colors(?), happy looking house. He walks past a window. (Jump??)... He is in a red convertible(??) with girl(s) with him.
(Jump?)...they went to some type of carnival or theme park looking place and I think they are seen riding a roller coaster.


This is pretty much all I can remember of this music video. It has been so long since I have seen it and not knowing what it is, is driving me crazy!

It's not 50 cent or outkast. (who both have theme park/carnival related music videos)

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