Need help finding a music video where teddy bears gets murdered!!

by Jeanette

I need a little help finding a music video that I saw a few years back, maybe around five or so on a music video channel in Sweden (if that helps any). I’ve been searching this particularly video on and off through all these years, with no results. Sadly I can’t remember any particular lyrics from the song more than it contained the words “take that” on at least one occasion.

The song was a hard rock-type of song. The band that played in at least the video were a blonde girl as lead singer in maybe around her early twenties, and what I can remember three guys playing instruments and back-up singing.

The video in itself were about the lead singer and two of the guys walking around a town and attacking teddybears behaving like regular people, stabbing them with knives, breaking their legs, throwing them off house roofs, torturing them and a lot of more horrible horrible things, and I remember distinctly that these teddy bears even bled from their wounds this band inflicted on them.

An especially strong scene I remember is these three “youngsters” breaking into a house where four teddybears were seated around a dinner table, looking like a regular family eating together, and that this band then proceeds to attack the family of bears, cutting them with knives and overall causing pain.

In the end of the video I remember the band breaking into another house of some kind where a teddybear sits in prison-like clothes and kidnaps him, throwing him into the trunk of their car and right before they closed the trunk one of the guys of the band kicked the bear. The point of view of the kick was from the bear, showing the viewer that the bear most likely were kicked in the face before the trunk was shut, and even more likely considering everything turns black after that.

When the lights came on again the bear had been taken out of the trunk and the band now started to cut into the bear’s stomach and overall torturing him.

I know this isn’t a particular lovely music video but I would appreciate any help I could get on finding out what music video this is. No one believes me when I tell them about it and I would really like to find it again so I can show it to the ones not believing me.

Please and thank you!

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