Need help with finding this song, Has been driving me insane!

by Brendon

Hey, As you can tell, Been trying to find a song for roughly a year or two, It has driven me crazy, so hopefully some one can help!

Well, What I remember of it;

I think it was released in between 2005-2008? It was kind of a gloomy theme song, If I remember correctly the video clip was of a guy singing and I think it kept flashing between a girl who I think might of been a ghost? I can't remember, But I know it is kind of based on the street & it flashes to him singing in like a huge wide room? I am guessing like a ware house kind of place? with a crowd around him and his band I think?

The song is REALLY gloomy kind of vibe though, He would be singing then I remember he would drop his tone like he was upset kind of? It is driving me crazy and I need the song, So long story short...

> Gloomy song
> I think it is based on a girl/ghost girl maybe?
> He is singing about her?
> Keeps flashing between her & the warehouse kind of place? Any help please! I don't think it was by any main stream band, BUT it was on tv a fair bit, I have been searching all top 100 lists since 2004 (just incase) but I just can't seem to think of the name and go blank!

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