Old Song With Heavy Bass Drum Pauses

by Michael
(Houston, Tx)

So I heard a song on a classic rock station in Texas that has been driving me crazy for quite some time now. The station was The Eagle in Houston Texas and I heard it one afternoon coming home from work. It was sung by a man and it had a very particular sound to it. It had a rhythm similar to the Alabama song by the Doors. About 5 or 6 times the singer and instruments would stop and a steady base drum line would come in. The drummer would hit the base drums about 4 times with about a second in between each and then the guitar would come in, then the rest of the instruments, and then the song would continue. It came on during a Beatles appreciation day, so as far as sounds go this song is pretty similar to some Beatles songs. If you can figure out what song sounded like a mix between the Beatles and the Doors and had the pauses with the bass drum during the chorus you'd probably know which song I'm looking for. Oh, one more thing. The only lyrics I can remember included something along the lines of "In the year 1968" or some other year. I don't remember if 1968 is right, but it was definitely "etc. etc., in the year 19XX." Actually it may have been "in the year 18XX," now I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.

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