PLS HELP!! Who sings this male female 'duet'? I'm going bonkers and can't recall title, artist and lyrics.

Guys, I'm going bonkers again with having a song tune stuck in my head of which the lyrics, name or band name I can't remember. I hope you can help me figure out what song it is. This is what I do recall:

1) the beat/harmony of the chorus sounds like the intro (first 20 secs) of this song (pls excuse the horrible video):

2) The song is sung by a man, mainly, to which a woman responds in singing / she reflects or mirrors (not sure if they are both in the band or if the female singer is a guest on this song)

3) the song lyrics may contain the word "heart"

4) probably by a non top 40 group, but I may have heard it on an obscure TV show or movie soundtrack

5) contains guitar (modern folky/indie sound) - the music rhythm sounds a lot like the intro to Jules Larson's "I want it all"

6) the song in question is recent (from within the last 5 yrs)

Pls help! I'm going insane all day as the tune is stuck in my head and I can't remember the title, lyrics or artist.

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