pop song with some rap

by Zoe

so, there was this song that i used to listen to all the time around the time period that Hot Chelle Rae became a big thing is the US.

I have a memory of the lyric video, which was a sort of kinetic typography (for some reason, I remember it being green, although I have no idea if this is true or not. it might be a different song by the same artist, or a song not even related to this one).

It was sung by a male, and had some verses of rap in it. i'm pretty sure that the whole song was performed by the same guy. the song was pretty upbeat and fast-paced.

maybe related, but maybe not:
there was another lyric video i remember as being very colorful, and most likely by the same artist. i seem to remember there being silhouettes and the lyrics in graffiti, although i could be completely wrong.

any guess at all is totally appreciated, as this has been bugging me for quite a while now. I know i'm probably one of the least helpful people ever when it comes to describing, but if you think you found anything i'll be totally elated.

remember that it's around the same time period/style as Hot Chelle Rae (enough so that I found it through clicking on the recommended links), sung by a male, very upbeat, and had some rap in it.

thank you!

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