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Adios (The Funeral Song) (adios my red-eyed genius f***** up friend, we rocked the casbah back in god-knows-when) – 2013 

Back Into Blue (here I go into blue, you think I’d learn to stay away from you) – 1985

Caught In The Rain (I can’t get it out of my heart and I will wait for you forever) – 1985 

Find Another Fool (why don't you…find another , find another fool to love you) - 1981/1982 

Grace Under Fire (oh papa was right nothing rates higher, the coolest of cool is grace under fire) – 1985 

Harden My Heart (I'm gonna swallow my tears, I'm gonna turn and leave you here) – 1981/1982 

I Can’t Help Myself (I can’t help myself, I wanna be your rock n’ roll) – 2013 

I Want To Believe It’s You (I want to believe it’s true, I want to believe it’s you) – 1985 

Love Is A Road (Love is…love is…love is a road, we wander we wonder where it will go) – 2013 

Love Without A Net (You Keep Falling) (oh you keep falling in love without a net, you use your heart to break your fall) – 1985 


Night Shift (and I’ll comfort you and I’ll love you too on the night shift, you won’t ever want to see the sun when I’m done with you) – 1982 

Right Kind Of Love (give me the right kind of love, give me the right kind of love and I’ll be yours tonight) – 1981/1982 

Say What You Want About Love (oh say what you want about love but it’s better than nothing) – 2013 

Take Another Picture (oh won’t you please please – take another picture, please please freeze my features) – 1983 

Take Me To Heart (you hear a voice that’s calling “do you want me - do you want me”; take me to heart - you know it’s just a matter of time) - 1983 

Talk To Me (talk to me open up your heart, oh love’s so lonely when you’re in the dark) – 1985

Try To Make It True (look in my eyes and you’ll find that I’m really gonna try this time) – 1981

Valerie (oh Valerie, oh I never thought it would go this far) – 1981 

Walking On Ice (I walk on ice I play with fire, for loving you baby I’d dance on wire) – 1985 

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