Rap song starting with a piano and then a phone ringing, 2 male artists

The song starts with a piano, and then comes a phone ringing like "rrrr, rrrr, rrrr" and that's it for the phone part. The phone rings only in the beginning with no answer, it just rings and that's it. And the piano plays this lap of a melody... the melody is pretty catchy and it sounds clear, kind of like a marimba but no doubt a piano. The lap of piano is pretty short, but not very short. Then the vocal part comes in. There are two people singing, one for the rap part and one for the singing part. Both of them are male.

I heard it in the U.S., July 2015. I want to know the song name and/or the singer, either one would be helpful.
The whole song is not slow or fast.. it's just catchy and kind of at a brisk pace, I guess. The song ends with the piano lap playing over for a few times and it ends. The part where the man sings, it's kind of husky.

I caught this part of the lyrics that says something like, "...as soon as you call away" or "...as soon as you call again" or something that sounded like that, idk the specific lyrics but it sounds something like that. That part comes out in the singing part, not the rap part.

I hope that was enough information, and I hope I get an answer. I really like that song. Thank you.

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